Android WiFi BarCode Reader

I started working on one project few months ago, and I had to do some stuff with BarCode reader. So my idea was to use Android phone as bar code reader and not to buy real one.

I found few solutions on internet, but most of those where commercial applications, so I decided to write my own solution. How hard can it be?

Actually it wasn’t hard at all. Once again, there was App Inventor with all basic stuff I need for Android programming, and Delphi for PC application.

How it works:

  1. On android phone scan BarCode
  2. As soon as BarCode is scanned, format URL in fallowing way: http://MyServer:Port/BarCode.bcr
  3. Send HTTP GET to previous URL
  4. On PC side we have driver that is actually HTTP server that decodes our URL and send key presses to application that is in focus (or some other application – Configurable).

So… it was easy.

Here are download links:

Android APK Android APK sources PC software

In PC software there are some interesting stuff. You can add barcode prefix or sufix  to  barcode and configure few more options from ini file. Example ini file with explanation of options is included in archive.

After starting PC software and Android software, go to setting on Android software and configure IP address of your PC and port that is defined in INI file.

Also you can test PC side software with any browser, just go to http://youip:port/yourtext.bcr Software would receive your text and forward it to configured / focused application. In browser you won’t get any response.

If you need this software for commercial / non commercial use, no problem, feel free to use it. Source code for Delphi application is available upon request (looks terrible in this moment, so I don’t want to place it here :) ).

For additional questions, feel free to contact me.

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