SpamPal List Editor

SpamPal List Editor

spleSpamPal List editor is a tool for editing SpamPallist files. It supports E-Mail black list, E-Mail white list, IP black list and IP white list. Finally, you can make categories and sort items by groups. You can assign names and descriptions to addresses, and change items color. There is no need to type your addresses manually any more. SPLE has Clipboard monitor included, so he can grab all E-Mail addresses that you copy.

SPLE can import your E-Mail addresses from WAB (Windows Address Book) file, XLS (Excel) files, CSV (Comma separated values) files or any text file. Also, SPLE can export all of your addresses to HTML file that is formatted as a tree, Microsoft Excel or Coma separated file (CSV).

And in the end. SPLE is completely FREE. It doesn’t include any spy or advertising software, and doesn’t have any limitations! It is FREEWARE!

11.12.2004 - v beta 1
12.12.2004 - v beta 2
13.12.2004 - v beta 3
19.12.2004 - v beta 4
24.12.2004 - v beta 5
02.01.2005 - v RC1
31.01.2005 - v Final
11.04.2005. - v1.0.0.36
25.01.2006. - v1.0.0.36 Source

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